Project Deep Blue

BBC’s Blue Planet II used trailblazing breakthroughs in marine science and cutting edge technology to explore new worlds and reveal the very latest discoveries across our planet; from the Arctic and Antarctic to the coral reefs of the tropical oceans.

Whilst we all remember the stunning images of giant turtles, whales and fish leaping out of the water to pluck birds from the sky – it brought home a real message about how much we are still to discover, how fragile this environment is, and how much damage humans are unwittingly doing. Amazing images of new life being formed at deep sea vents was balanced by shocking images of albatross parents unwittingly feeding their chicks plastic.

The time for action is now! And we all need to take responsibility for what we are doing to our oceans.


Our Solution

We’ve developed Project Deep Blue with two key elements.

> Assess the impact of climate on marine phytoplankton evolution

The first is to fund a PhD student to work directly with us both in assessing the impact of climate on marine phytoplankton evolution. Phytoplankton is the food source for most of the marine ecosystem. By investigating how the warm climate state of the Pliocene period influenced the diversity of phytoplankton and by understanding the key climate forcing factors that influenced their evolution, this ground breaking new project will help us to understand how the marine ecosystem will be impacted in the future.

> Support undergraduate students in Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences with the costs of field school studies in this vital area

This fund will assist students with the costs of field school studies (£142 per student), enabling them to enhance their studies and develop the right skills and talents to make a difference, to become the saviours of our oceans. Our aim is to support 300 students. 
If we can better understand the likely impacts of climate change on phytoplankton, the marine ecosystem and our beautiful blue planet as a whole, we can then help persuade those who need to be persuaded; we can influence those responsible to take greater responsibility; and we can help lead more leaders into taking decisive action before it’s too late.


How your support can make a difference

Our Project Deep Blue students could well go on to be the future saviours of our oceans. By giving a gift today, you can help make this happen. It could be one of the most far-reaching donations you ever make.

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Published: 02 May 2018