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Scholarships: Tree of Learning

A stunning celebration of the last 50 years and an inspiration for the future

As part of The Open University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations a fantastic “Tree of Learning” sculpture is being created. The tree will be installed on campus, later in the Anniversary year, and will burst into life with the addition of hundreds of individually personalised gold-coloured OU logo-shaped shields hung as leaves on the tree.  It will create a breathtaking sculpture. 

If you’ve studied with, worked with or been involved in some way with The Open University, then you’re a greatly valued part of our story.

So, make sure your personalised Open University shield is included on our amazing ‘Tree of Learning’ for all to admire and remember, all you need to do is donate to our 50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund today.

Make sure your name is on the tree!

We’re inviting alumni, friends, supporters and all those involved with The Open University to contribute to our 50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund (see below) and therefore qualify to have your own personalised shield hung on the tree.

Your shield will include your name and the first year that you either enrolled with, joined or worked with The Open University. What a fantastic way for you to be part of an amazing creation that will inspire generations to come.

50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund

As part of our 50th Anniversary theme, we have created a special 50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund to ensure carers and more vulnerable people who would otherwise not get a chance to study, get the opportunity to do so with the OU on any of our courses.

We need to raise funds to award 50 scholarships for carers and a further 50 scholarships for vulnerable people ensuring no-one is left behind.

This couldn’t be a better time to show ‘Opening up education for all’ in action by making our 50th Anniversary a chance to reach out to these people who are so easily forgotten and neglected. Please can you give £50 for our 50th? Or a gift of whatever you can afford?

Every penny you send will go to the 50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund. In appreciation and grateful thanks for your kindness and generosity, we will include your name and year on one of our special gold shields to hang from the ‘Tree of Learning’. Thank you so much!

To make a donation to ensure your name appears on the stunning ‘Tree of Learning’ sculpture click here

Published: 01 January 2019