50 scholarships already awarded to Disabled Veterans

The Open University is delighted to announce that the Disabled Veterans' Scholarships Fund has awarded 54 scholarships for this academic year (2018/19). We have been able to exceed the original target of 50 scholarships thanks to the generosity of our donors.

The Open University is renowned for its support for students with disabilities, with 1 in 8 of students studying with us having declared some form of disability. With over 1,600 students who are serving currently in the Forces, we know the rigours and demands on these individuals well.

The Open University’s Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund, the first of its kind in the UK, will enable these disabled veterans to study for free and receive specialist disability support and careers advice.

“When leaving the UK military, it can take time to re-adjust and re-integrate into the civilian world,” said Chris Rooke, Interim Director of Academic Services at The Open University. “For disabled veterans these scholarships provide flexible and free education at the Open University to open up new futures and possibilities. I’m proud that The Open University can provide such opportunities for students with disabilities and I commend those who have donated money to make this possible for these ex-servicemen and women who have already given so much for their country.”

Up to one in five veterans are discharged due to disability. Unexpected injuries mean they are likely to be discharged without time to prepare for life afterwards. Higher education can be a valuable tool in carving out a new career path.

A disabled Veteran who received a scholarship from the DVSF fund in 2018/19 said “I really do appreciate this opportunity by the OU. To have the ability to study is really intrinsic to my recovery.  This gives me a focus and purpose each day with a gain towards employment I enjoy.’ 

Further information regarding applications is available on the main Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund page: Give to Disabled Veterans Scholarships Fund


Published: 05 November 2018