"I didn't succumb to the stereotype that science wasn't for girls"

Tell us about your journey

Amy King has always been a science enthusiast since she was very young. After being told by her school that “science isn’t for girls”, she went on to achieve straight As at college.
After being told by a traditional university that she was “too glamorous to be a scientist”, she was about to give up on her dream of achieving a science degree.
She proved them both wrong, and is on track to achieve her dream of a degree in Natural Sciences with The Open University.  But she's gone further, setting up a charity GlamSci, to encourage young people from all backgrounds into scienece, an taking up the role of STEM Ambassador for the Government education charity STEMNET.

How has the OU changed your life?

“I’d been watching a documentary with Lenny Henry, a graduate of the OU, and as soon as I’d watched it, I ordered a prospectus from the OU. I spoke to my family and said, 'You think I could do this?' and they said, 'Just give it a go.' I was enamoured by the way Lenny put the OU across; how he was able to work and study, and I thought, perhaps I could too."
Published: 03 May 2018