Welcome to the OU Alumni Association

Qualifying with the OU is an outstanding achievement – and we congratulate you.  Your free, lifetime membership of the Alumni Association instantly places you at the heart of a strong community of nearly half a million OU alumni who know exactly how that achievement feels.

This website aims to help you continue your relationship with The Open University.  You can do so much from this one single website, and we hope you add it to your "favourites."  You can update your contact details; view your qualifications; read inspirational stories from fellow alumni (and share your own); discover what the OU is doing on social media; plus it gives you access to a range of resources and publications, free learning materials and help you ‘give back’ by contributing to our campaigns, sharing our content or volunteering.

As a member of the Alumni Association you’ll still receive communications from us, including the latest OU news and information.

So, welcome to the Alumni Association, you’ve earned your right to be here.

Karen Hart

Deputy Director of Development: Alumni Engagement

Published: 01 January 2019